Light attracting trap Luics-S 60Hz Black

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● Size: width 235 mm × height 860mm × depth 250 mm
● Weight:6500g
● Power supply:AC100V(50Hz) Glow type
● Cord length:2.5m
● Material: Steel plate baking finish
● Attractable effect area: Approximately 50 m²

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Product Description

● Attract insects with chemical lamps and catch them with adhesive sheet, light-induced insect trap instrument Ruikusu
● Stylish form familiar to luxury space
● Design features that do not impair the landscape and structures that captured insects are hard to see from the outside, can be used in any space with interior feeling
● Dedicated adhesive sheet can be removed easily by inserting, exchangeable
● Attract with the light that the insect likes and securely capture with a special special adhesive sheet with large capture area
● Can be used with confidence in places where insecticides can not be used, such as homes with children and pets
● Attract insects as an attracting light as "ultraviolet light preferred by flying insects"
● Insects that prefer UV (reactive insects) react (attract) mainly to ultraviolet rays of around 300 to 400 nm (nanometers). Among them, ultraviolet rays of 350 nm to 365 nm are reactive peaks (regions where reaction tends to occur)


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