Light attracting and insecticidal trap for Interior Luics-MP

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● Size : width 254 × depth 185 × height 43 mm
● Weight: 340 g
● Power supply: Charging with USB port or batteries (2 AA batteries)

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Product Description

● The adhesive sheet used for this product can be safely used because it is not toxic and can easily exchange sheets
● Attract insects with LED lamps and luminescence and use muffled sheets to compensate insects
● [Light attracting insect trap of LED light and luminescence]: Insect attracts musk with LED lamp and phosphorescence with adhesive sheet
● [No choice of installation location]: Mobile type corresponding to 2 power sources of USB and dry battery
● [Secure safety from not using insecticide]: Family such as children and pets, safe in places where insecticides can not be used
● [Easy installation]: Easy installation just by placing. Easy sheet exchange and easy to carry


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