Cup noodle bukkomimeshi (6 pieces)

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After having eaten the cup noodles, we cooked rice into the soup and reproduced "that taste". Based on a cup noodle soup, add a savory flavor of fry noodles, a forbidden taste made with hot water 5 minutes.

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Product Description

■ Raw materials: rice (rice (domestic), emulsified fats and oils, salt), soup (lard, salt, wheat flour, glucose, powder soy sauce, protein hydrolyzate, starch, pork seasoning, spices, flavor seasoning, pork extract , Menma Powder), Flavored Pork Minchi, Seasoned Eggs, Seasoned Shrimp, Seasoning Pork, Onions / Seasoning (Amino Acids etc.), Trehalose, Emulsifiers, Perfumes, Caramel Dyes, Phosphate (Na), Processed Starches, Antioxidant (vitamin E), Ca carbonate, Thickening polysaccharide, Silicone, Carotenoid pigment, Spice extract, Kunsui liquid (including some shrimps · wheat · egg · milk ingredients · sesame · soybean · chicken · pork) ) Contents ■: 90 g Estimated amount of necessary hot water: 280 ml


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