BALMUDA The Toaster White

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Ultimate toaster baking bread with the highest scent and texture. Steam technology only with Balmuda and perfect temperature control, everyone easily realizes the taste of touching. Set up 4 exclusive modes to achieve the best taste. (Toast, cheese toast, French bread, croissant). Classic mode is also available to keep the top and bottom heaters simple.All that can be done with conventional toasters such as gratin and cookies, baked frozen foods and rice cakes can be handled. Classical mode from W display, temperature display, temperature control, so it can be used for baked goods such as cookies, more convenient and convenient.
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Product Description

■ Body size: 357 mm (width) × 321 mm (depth) × 209 mm (height) ■ Inside dimensions: 274 mm (width) × 204 mm (depth) × 178 mm (height) ■ Product weight: Approximately 4.3 kg ■ Power supply: AC 100V 50 Hz / 60 Hz ■ Rated power consumption: 1300 W ■ Power cord length: Approximately 1 m ■ K01E-KG


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