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  • Yumekobo Stand mirror Cherry Blossoms
    "Stand mirror that feels warmth of the tree. Yumekobo that conveys traditional Japanese technique ""Inlay (Elegance)"" in Iwate Prefecture. I planted a tree of different color into a natural tree, and it fits into it. The hinge is also a warm stand stand with built-in natural wood. It fits comfortably into your pocket, so you can use it as a portable. Moreover, it is convenient for traveling because it is a stand type. "
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Essence 50ml
    This is an essence.
    A single drop will fit your skin, texture will be conditioned, giving suppleness and moisturizing your skin.
    The skin becomes moist and smooth, and as soon as you start using it, the pores will no longer be worrisome and will lead to shiny skin.
    By the time we finish using this essence, we do not care about the pores.
    $224.79 (Reference:₱11233.88)
  • SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream
    This is a beauty cream that is effective at the eyes.
    This cream leads to beautiful eyes with tension from the inside.
    It prepares the original function of the skin and keeps it on the skin that has a radiant transparency from the inside.
    The extract of lychee leather that keeps the stretchy feeling gives the oligopeptide a sense of transparency. It has a pleasant feeling of use and a faint smell.
    $239.51 (Reference:₱11969.51)
  • Whitening Source Clear Lotion <Quasi-drugs>
    This is a lotion with a whitening effect.
    This suppresses the formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles due to sunburn.
    This will prevent your skin from becoming keratinized, relax the aged stratum corneum, and it will be easier to wipe with cotton.
    This is a safe and high quality product made in Japan.
    $152.17 (Reference:₱7604.7)
  • Atmosphere Airy Light UV Cream SPF 50 + PA ++++
    This is a sunscreen. SPF 50 + sunscreen effectively blocking ultraviolet light with a light fitting comfort. "Atmosphere Airy Light UV cream SPF 50 +" is newly born from the SK-II whitening series. It prevents troubles of the skin caused by near infrared rays and dirt in the air as well as ultraviolet rays. In addition to the enriched SK-II Pitera ™ 1, the new advanced composite component "Atmosphere Shield Complex" contains natural ingredients such as Ume Extract and OPENTIER EXHAU. Atmosphere SPF 50 + protects the skin from environmental damage such as ultraviolet rays. In addition, Atmosphere SPF 50 + is a light feeling like air. It protects the skin firmly though it is comfortable to wear as not to hinder the breathing of the skin.
    $156.10 (Reference:₱7801.1)
  • WS Derm · Definition UV Lotion SPF 50 PA +++
    This is an SPF 50 sunscreen lotion that also skincare during the day. SPF 50 PA +++ widely protects the skin from UV A / B firmly, and prevents spots and freckles. Combined SK-II Pitera ™ and Niacinamide * 1. Continue skin care for the skin during the day. Thioamino acid * 2 and DNA vitamin capsule * 3 protect skin from damage by ultraviolet rays. It is a faint scent that enhances usability. You can use it as a makeup base.
    $173.37 (Reference:₱8664.17)
  • Whitening Source Derm · Revival Mask <Quasi-drugs> 6P
    This is a whitening emulsion mask. This suppresses the formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.
    You can concentrate & instant care with whitening essence.
    A lot of essence penetrates into one mask, it penetrates the skin and it helps to lead to bright and transparent skin. This mask is made of multiple layers, whitening component continues to penetrate for about 8 hours even if the mask is removed.
    $185.54 (Reference:₱9272.36)
  • Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel
    This is a makeup remover gel. Combining ingredients to condition the stratum corneum. To a healthy, fresh skin. Gel cleansing to remove dirt such as make-up gently. Marine fennel * 1 of a plant origin that has the effect of preparing the stratum corneum is compounded. By continuing to use everyday, we will lead to a fresh and conditioned stratum corneum.
    $125.68 (Reference:₱6280.86)
  • Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil
    This is make-up removal oil. Clean dirt of makeup and dirt of pores. To the clear skin while continuing. Clear up to point make up and remove firmly until invisible dirt "Porphyrin * 1". Keep your skin's weakly acidic, cleansing gently. Continue to use everyday to lead to unclear clear skin of pores.
    $146.28 (Reference:₱7310.34)
  • Mid - Night Miracle Essence
    This is a spray type cosmetic lotion for night use.
    This will prepare your skin with refreshing comfort.
    By using this at night, you calm and refresh the skin accumulated various damage caused by environmental stress etc. during the day.
    $126.66 (Reference:₱6329.83)
  • R.N.A. Power Eye Cream Radical New Age 15g
    In addition to SK - II 's own RN architect, 1, it combines chlorella extract and palmitoyl pentapeptide ², giving elasticity to the eye. It moisturizes moistly with thick texture, it fits into your skin, it gets less visible by dryness and leads to a clear eye. Even with age, I went to an eyed girl with elasticity.
    $164.56 (Reference:₱8223.89)
  • Facial Lift Emulsion
    This is a milky lotion that keeps it moisturized with moisture.Composite Moisturizing Component Collagen Enhancer * 1 penetrates to corners of the stratum corneum. It leads to smooth, smooth skin that does not leave skin movement by facial expression. Maintain a subtle balance of moisture and oil content to keep it moisturized.
    $167.95 (Reference:₱8393.3)
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