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  • 3DR SOLO Basic set
    High spec next generation drone! It is!
    3DR is the first company in the industry to install a 1 GHz Linux computer in the main body and controller, developed Solo which can automatically operate the camera while controlling the main body. The sense of stability of Solo's flight should be convinced to beginners as well as veteran pilots. The state-of-the-art drone technology cultivated in open source supports Solo's performance, and the latest version is provided by updating its evolving technology.
    【Features of SOLO】
    ■ Operation of Solo and photography are possible with one operator.
    ■ Solo autopilot and automatic camera control allow you to concentrate on shooting and obtain stable images.
    ■ Powerful aerial shots can be made with six standard smart shots (automatic flight mode).
    ■ Solo is an open source so you can customize the software.
    ■ Solo with expandability is a Made For Solo program, and various accessories are offered.
    $2,544.07 (Reference:₱127139.9)