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  • Edo Kiriko Woody Glass Hoshikenbishi Old Pair
    This is a glass of craft called "Edo Kiriko".
    "Edo Kiriko" is a traditional Japanese craft in Tokyo.
    These were crafted by Japanese craftsmen carefully .
    There is history in the method of engraving the surface of this glass.
    This cut is deep, the finish is clear and gorgeous.
    This is a wonderful piece made of fine craftsmanship.
    $201.16 (Reference:₱10052.97)
  • Tetsuhiro Kazuko 2 pieces set
    ● Size: All-purpose (about 17cm in edge width, about 30.5cm in total length) · Vegetable cutting (about 16.5cm in blade width and about 30cm in total length) Each 1● Material: Blade / Hagane (special steel), handle / natural wood● Production place: Niigata prefecture● Remarks: ※ Because it uses sharpener, sharpness is good, on the other hand, it has a rustproof property.
    $45.43 (Reference:₱2270.36)
  • Tosa Ryu with a stand single plate cutting board
    ● Product: Approximately 40 × 20 × height 3 cm● Material: Shimanto Hinoki● Contents: With stand● Production place: Kochi Prefecture● Remarks: ※ Because of the nature of the product, colors, patterns, shapes etc. may differ slightly.
    $77.23 (Reference:₱3859.57)
  • 2 piece set of dishes
    Furniture of hospitality born from the bark of cherry blossoms. Birch workmanship is traditional craftwork that used mountain cherry skin, which is said to have been conveyed by Satake Kita in Akita prefecture · Kakunodate in the Edo period. Long life living tools have been created from deep hue, gloss, smoothness, toughness.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • Pair of mini bowls
    Traditional craftwork conveyed to the Aizu district of Fukushima Prefecture, Aizu paint. It is made of beautiful walnut. When serving Western dishes such as seasonings, salads, desserts, it becomes a cafe-like atmosphere. Please enjoy a container of natural texture.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • TSUBAME KENMA FACTORY Stainless steel tumbler
    Stainless steel tumbler polished carefully by craftsmen. In the Tsubame Sanjo district of Niigata prefecture, metal processing has a history of over 600 years. This is stainless steel household goods. Tsubame Sanjo area is one of the most industrial areas in the prefecture, but each process until one product is completed is often divided into division of labor.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • Tetsuhiro Japanese knife 2 set
    This knife was made in Sanjo city, Niigata prefecture. It is a knife that can be easily cut.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • Miyama Large plate
    This Large plate feels spring. It is not only beautiful, but a large plate created by a craftsman with a hot feeling that wishes to deliver good things.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • Seki Kazukane Santoku knife
    It is a kitchen knife manufactured in Gifu prefecture Seki city famous as one of the leading blade town in Japan. Stainless steel knife steel easy to clean on the blade, laminated reinforced wood with durability that is easy to familiar to the hands on the handle was used. It is easy to handle knife suitable for everyday use.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • Nousaku Guinomi
    Takaoka city, Toyama Prefecture has a history of casting for 400 years. It is a cup made using that technology. It is a cup which was finished manually by craftsmen.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • Doria Pan 2 piece set
    Representative local industry in Yokkaichi city, Mie Prefecture, Banko Yaki. Because it uses leaf feldspar, it is excellent in heat resistance, it is a ceramic plate that corresponds to direct fire · oven · microwave oven. Recommended for gratin and hamburger steak for 1 or 2 people.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • HAKUICHI Cold tea glass
    ontinue to convey the traditional beauty of Kanazawa Foil. The gold leaf pattern looks luxurious. The harmony between the golden glow different from each other and the clear space of the glass material seen from the gap adds accent to the vessel.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
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