Sale terms

About member registration

Purchasing method can be purchased by registering as a guest and registering as a member.
If you register as a member, you will not need to enter the address when you purchase it for the second time or later.

About the delivery

After completion of delivery work , it is delivered after 7~15 days.

※ In case of overseas, shipping fee and tariffs may apply when receiving items.
 If a local customs duties -a value-added tax are necessary, the receiver has to pay them.
 Please understand beforehand that there is a case that customs duties can not be accepted.

※Please, do not transfer / resale the product ordered by you, to the third person, because all imported product is "personal use / private spending as a precondition.
※In this case, we cannot guarantee. Please understand it.

About the Shipping charge.

The shipping cost will be 9,500 yen to 1 case (10 kg).
※In case of exceeding 1 case (10 kg), extra shipping fee will be charged.
 We will inform you by email, so please check.

About the delivery

In the case of overseas, products will be delivered by shipping service.
※Regarding the delivery days, it depends on the region.

  • Metro Manila: approximately 2 - 3 weeks
  • Visaya Islands: approximately 4 - weeks
  • Other, Luzon island: approximately 3-4 weeks
  • Mindanao Island: approximately 4-6 weeks
  • Other, remote island: approximately 4 - 6 weeks

About the payment

Payment by only using a credit card.
Available Card: VISA MASTER JCB

Cancellation of order

If applicable to the following items, we shall be able to cancel the order.

  • When there is untruth in the written information of the client.
  • When ordered product is out of stock and there is no hope of arrival.
  • When the order came beyond the estimated quantity to a limited number of products to be sold.
  • When there is an unavoidable reason which can not take an order.

About the cancellation / returning goods / exchange after the order.

To make a good product easy to seek and earlier, we refuse [a change of the order contents] after order, and [goods sent back / exchange], according to client's convenience.
Ex) The exchange of size / color, etc., the size does not match. Reason that color of product seen in the monitor and real product color is different, etc. also becomes the reason according to client's convenience.

[Cancellation] after shipping isn't accepted.

●Although we carefully give attention to the product quality, if there is a NG product or sending mistake, please make inquiries to

If you want to exchange it, in principle, it becomes an exchange with the identical product.
But, in case the exchange product is sold out or if you want to return the product (repayment), we guide about returning product (repayment). Please understand beforehand.

●When returning because of NG product or exchanging.

  1. If you want exchange or return the product, please apply to within 7 days.
  2. When applying to the returning, we request you to enter an order number, a bar code, and the reason.
  3. We request the offering of bar code, color, size, reason of the product you want to exchange.

After application is accepted, it is possible to process.

  • In case of exchanging and returning, it should be performed within 7 days after the product arrived.
  • ※Product which 7 days passed after receiving it, you cannot exchange or return it. Please understand.
  • If the product was returned without reception of Crayon Smile, it becomes difficult to procedure of exchange / returning product / re-sending it.
  • The delivery-expense in case of exchange - returning shall be by the client's charge.
  • In case of the set product, it becomes one product. Please send the product together.
    Ex) In case of the bikini: bra+pants. in case of shoes:2 legs.

● When it is impossible to exchange / return.
The product which isn't sold at the site at present. (In case of the product which became out of stock cannot exchange).
If there is damage of traces, smell, dirt, washing, repair, tag of the wear, the product cannot be returned or exchanged.

●About the repayment.
When the product has an incipient failure / breakage of the product, inform us of the order number and a state of incipient failure / the part of breakage. by e-mail within 7 business days after receiving the product.
*The returning of the product cannot be accepted according to the client's convenience.

●About the returning-address, we guide by using the e-mail to those who made contact with us.