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  • Sakura dyed wash towel 2P
    Towel dyed from Sakura's petal with the patented technique "botanical · die" of the new natural dyeing method.

    $14.72 (Reference:₱735.63)
  • Air Kaoru Daddy Boy Wash Towel 5 sheets se
    Firmly thick thread Daddy-Boy (Daddy Boy) I use a slightly thick thread. Because there are plenty of air, there is a volume, sucking a lot of water. In addition to softness and lightness, this is the ultimate sense of volume. Babies and ladies can also satisfy a wide range from sweaty boy to adult male, while listening. * Color designation is not available. Please note.
    $32.16 (Reference:₱1607.2)
  • Honeycomb waffle Towel set SENSHU
    It is a characteristic towel of honeycomb pattern. It is irregular, not only superior in water absorption and quick drying, but also a soft touch. Also, because it is not a loop shape, there are few fuzzing and less thread breakage.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • al vegetable tree dyeing face and wash towel set
    Natural shades dyed with natural dyes. Towel production area, natural plant dyeing towel made in Imabari city in Ehime prefecture is a pleasant texture and environmentally friendly towel. Hand tints with different facial expressions will taste as much as you use them.
    $58.89 (Reference:₱2943.03)
  • The honeycomb waffle towel set
    Easy-to-use towel with soft texture. Honeycomb is "honeycomb" thing. As its name suggests, the honeycomb waffle towel, which features a honeycomb pattern, is a honeycomb waffle on the surface and a gauze towel on the back. Not only is it superior in water absorption and quick drying, it is soft touch. Also it is not a loop shape, so it is also characterized by less fluff falling and less thread dropout.
    $87.23 (Reference:₱4359.32)
  • Imabari towel set
    It is a comfortable towel produced from the traditional method of Imabari, one of the leading towel production areas in Japan. In addition, we have acquired Eco Mark, it is unbleached, we do not use fluorescent whitening agent. The Imabari Towel 's brandmark & logo will be granted only to towels that have passed strict quality standards in Japan' s largest towel production area "Imabari".
    $87.23 (Reference:₱4359.32)
  • Sensyu Jacquard silk mixed blanket (fluff part)
    Feeling smooth and comfortable to use. It is silk mixed jacquard woven fluff blanket. Featuring comfortable feel and good hygroscopicity. Because it is possible to wash at home, you can use it anytime cleanly.
    $107.21 (Reference:₱5357.82)
  • Imabari Eco Leaf Towel Set
    It is a towel that is comfortable to use, produced from the traditional method of Imabari, the leading towel production place in Japan. We have acquired the Eco Mark, it is unbleached and does not use fluorescent whitening agent.
    $72.69 (Reference:₱3632.68)